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Private Tours

Traveling to Abrolhos, for sure, will be an amazing experience.

Through the private tours, specific rides will be done according to the profile of each group of visitors.

There might be business training trips with several national recognition lectures, gay trips, trips for single people, elder people, school tours, and so on…

Check below the available private tours:

Traditional Tours: Tour with non-defined target people, following the traditional schedule for the trips to Abrolhos, adapting the trip to divers, watching whales, landing on the island, and so on …

Diving Tour: Working together with the main diving centers in Brazil, specific tours are done, where the boat routine is directed to optimize the diving activities (using Scuba equipments) in Abrolhos.
According to the level of divers, wreck dives and night dives will be scheduled.

Watching Whales Tours: The hunting of whales happens in this tour (from July to November). However, besides using harpoons, the hunters use only photo cameras. The boat stays for a long time on open sea waters in order to seek the whales. Sometimes it’s not necessary to change the normal sailing path to watch them. They’re usually both sides!

Wreck Special: This tour is done by experienced divers and demands the advanced certification. They dive in all the known wrecks on the region, including the distant ones from the Isle, such as the Nébula Wreck Diving, located in Paredes parcel.

Business Training: Working together with the main lectures in Brazil, we offer business training on Abrolhos region. Part of these training takes place in auditoriums in the city of Caravelas. The training will be completed in Abrolhos. This training might be done with partner lectures or with professionals indicated by the group.
Get to know more about Business Training.

School Projects: By partnership with schools and colleges, tours will be done with scientific purpose in Abrolhos. These tours are done under the supervisor of the school pedagogic coordination.
Get to know more about School Projects.

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