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Abrolhos wrecks

The first existent register about Abrolhos Isle was done on April 6th 1503 by Americo Vespucio, who were sailing in the region and discovered a great danger around there, the Wallreefs formation.

The Wallreefs are reef formations that might reach 25 meters high and 50 meters long. Most of these wallreefs come closer to the surface, and in some cases, they’re only few centimeters from it, depending on the height of the tide.

The warning given by Americo Vespucio made sense. Even knowing about this detail in that sailing region, a lot of ships sank in the bottom of the sea. There are many sorted wrecks in the Isle, but just few of them were discovered so far.

Throughout the partnership with the site Naufrágios do Brasil we’ll provide all information already sorted about the wrecks in Abrolhos. You can find below a list of ships that sank in Abrolhos region.

For further information on the wrecks already sorted, click in the specified link.

Wreck name Wreck year
“Abrolhos” 1926
Abrolhos sul
Arthemis 1932
Elmete 1895
Guadiana 1885
Lloyde 19 1950
Monte Udala 1971
Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres Menor 1631
Princesa Mafalda 1927
Prinz Willer 1631
Provintie Van Utrecht 1631
Rosalinda 1939
Santa Catharina 1914
Santa Rita
Santiago de Oliste 1631
Santo Antônio 1631
São João Batista 1631
Tupy 1939
Vigilante 1943