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Introduction to diving

“Diving is much more than a simple sport or adventure, it’s joining into a fascinating and silent world. A world where wonders can happen. A show that ends when prudence and time call us to reach the surface.”

Diving is a peculiar activity because it lets us know a total distinct world from ours: the deep sea. There are own characteristics such as silence, colors, light, the sensation of no gravity, finally the dynamic of living sea. The underwater wonders seduce us so much, that the activity has been joining more and more admires each year.

But to make a good use of the qualities of the living sea, it’s necessary much more than yearning. The openwater scuba courses guide and help us to create engaged divers. The diver must be conscious about his limits and must see the diving through a new point of view: the activity as a life style.

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Co-operation: Rodrigo Thomé – PDIC Brasil