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Clues to visit Abrolhos

If you decide to make this extraordinary visit to Abrolhos, you can’t forget your camera and a lot of films. You can find below some clues in order to take advantages of all the photos taken during your sightseeing.

Main character or main subject:
Choose a character or main subject and concentrate on it. If you decide to take pictures of people, emphasize the physiognomy. In case of taking pictures of the animals in Abrolhos, for instance, the “atobas”, observe the position of the animal related to your camera. Check if it is well centralized.

Simple background:
Watch the background and see if it’s not competing with the main character. Be careful with fusions, that might put your models into a confuse scenery.

Come closer:
Avoid putting the models too far away. Come closer and try to emphasize the best of its expression or movement.

Uncentralize the models:
In order to make more dynamic photos, avoid putting the models in the center of the picture. Move it to the right or to the left, keeping the rest for the background landscape, of course, just when you consider it relevant.

Clues from Ibama for the tourism inside the national park:

  • Don’t throw garbage inside the park’s area. If it’s unavoidable, collect everything and keep it with you till you find a garbage can inside the urban area;
  • Don’t practice sport fishing, forbidden inside the park’s area;
  • Leave the native flora intact;
  • It’s not allowed to collect any kind of material;
  • In order to photograph or enjoy the nature, avoid hurting the animals;
  • Before exploring around with your group, search for authorized local guides to enjoy your visit;
  • There’s a great surrounding area of 10 km in the National Park where the activities and using are controlled. They must be compatible with the environment preservation;
  • Don’t take anything but pictures;
  • Don’t leave anything but footsteps;
  • Don’t kill anything but your time;
  • Everything existing in a National Park belongs to the community / State. Learn how to know it and respect it. Learn how to like it;
  • With your help, this patrimony can be shown to your future generation.

Source: IBAMA