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Curiosities about Abrolhos

The Atobás (Sula dactylatra) are birds originally from Abrolhos Isle. They eat fish. To get the fish, the atobás can dive 8 meters deep. They developed this capacity due to a glandular organ they have under the tail feathers. This glandular organ has a kind of fat, it passes the beak in it and impermeabilizes its feathers. Just after concluding the impermeability process, it dives, catches its food and gets out of the water completely dry, ready to start flying again.

An Atobá getting warm after diving for food.

The Atobás use to keep their beak open in order to let the air come in, according to the researchers, this movement happens to make it warm after diving.

Goats in the Isle:
There’s a legend about the arriving of the goats in Abrolhos. A long time ago, at the time of great navigations, the captain of each ship, when they found a desert island, they left a female and a male goat in it and went on traveling. Just in case the ship sinks on that region, the crew had what to eat. But the goats in Abrolhos procreated, and nowadays there are 60 of them.

Bée – mascot of the whole island. It’s the only domestic goat of the Isle

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