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Conscious Behavior in reefs environment

We always keep the guests well informed about the Abrolhos Marine National Park, and everything related to this wonderful place. We’ve decided to publish this site in a folder that is being distributed to the visitors in the main marine parks in Brazil. They might be National, State or Municipal.

This folder was developed by the Secretary of Biodiversity and forests – Directory of Protected Areas National Program. ® All rights reserved.

Environment Ministry –

The coral reefs are marine ecosystems found in warm and clear water regions, and formed by the decomposition of calcareous skeleton organisms such as corals, alga and mollusks. They become essential in habitats for fish and other resources, supporting the species in extinction, and sheltering turtles and marine mammals.

Due to an extraordinary diversity of plants and animals, they’re considered the most various marine in habitat in the world. This great diversity of life can be measured when we find out that one in each four marine species live in this environment, including 65% of fish. They’re considered, with the tropical forests, the two greatest natural communities of the planet. They’re also one of the most fragile and threatened environment of the world.

The reefs have a great economical importance, thus, associated with the mangroves, represent the fishing resource for many communities. Besides being a relevant food source, they protect the coast, provide jobs through tourism and marine recreation, and other uncountable benefits to human being, including sources of medicinal substances.

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